Learning Igbo Language Just Got Easier...

Get Support For Every Step Of Your Journey As You Start Speaking, Reading & Writing in Igbo Language

Does any of this sound familiar?

  • You want to speak Igbo fluently - but you are feeling stuck or not sure where to start
  • You are tired of scouring the internet for Igbo lessons, materials and advice
  • You would love to make real connections with other Igbo language learners and connect with your Igbo culture and heritage

If this sounds familiar, then you already know how much you need an easy solution that fits into your busy life with support whenever you need it.

Introducing The 
Learn Igbo Now Challenge

The community for Slow or Beginner Igbo language Learners


Learn Igbo Now Challenge (LINC) is an exciting daily Igbo challenge that rotates through the 5 essential skills in language learning : 

Reading -  Listening - Speaking - Writing & Cultural Awareness

1. Log in Daily - A new Igbo challenge is released every week day  (Monday - Friday)

2. Do the Challenge - Every Challenge will take 15 minutes or less to complete

3. Reflect & Evaluate - Celebrate small wins and discover your next opportunities.

With small and consistent effort, you will go from being tongue tied and silent .. to speaking and gaining confidence daily ...
Just like some our LINC community members below 👇🏾

You don't need to be perfect (no one is!).You just need to start speaking ..
one word.. one sentence at a time, with our support

The Igbo learning materials provided every weekday revolve around a mix of

💡 - Stories and Biographies

💡 - Conversations, Phrases, & Monologues

💡 - Songs, Lyrics, Riddles & Tongue twisters

💡 - Pre-colonial, Colonial & Post Colonial History

💡 - Arts, Proverbs, Traditions & Culture

💡 - Drills, Quizzes, Worksheets ....and more!

Every day you'll have something fun to practice with. You can finish each daily task under 15 minutes.

1. You listen to, read or watch the lesson 
(Approx. 5 to 9 minutes )
2. You record an audio of yourself practicing Igbo / doing the tasks with your cell phone (or computer).

3. You upload your recorded task on the member forum. That's all!

Just do it on your time. At Your own pace.

Wondering what you'll get when you join?

⭐ - A different bitesize multimedia lesson added every week day

⭐ - Most lessons have video, audio and text (pdf worksheet) versions

⭐ - A progressive learning path which guides you through specific Igbo speaking techniques and skills.

⭐ - A growing phrasebank of practical Igbo phrases and sentences

⭐ - Weekly Zoom session for Igbo Conversation practice and feedback

⭐ - Videos of most zoom speaking practice sessions uploaded

⭐ - A vibrant online community forum of new and veteran learners to collaborate with and learn from.

⭐ - Post your daily practice recordings for accountability, feedback and encouragement.

⭐ - Access to the Sounds of Igbo Course

⭐ - Ask language related questions on the no-drama, no distraction, member forum 24/7

⭐ - Connect with fellow Igbo learners in your area or across the globe.

⭐ - Colour coded printable worksheets for each lesson to guide in reading and vocabulary building

⭐ - A mobile app to access all the membership content when you are on the go!

Proximity is POWER.

The closer you are to the people who are learning how to speak Igbo just like you, the more powerful you become!

Get instant access when you sign up today

Your Igbo community is waiting for you!

We understand that learning a new language can be isolating and daunting .
The Learn Igbo Now Club is powered by slow and beginner learners. It was built to encourage and empower YOU to reach your personal goals and become as fluent in Igbo as you can be.
We connect, learn, teach, and grow together as a global team. We’re changing the Igbo community one person, one conversation, one story at a time. 

So what are you waiting for? Let’s go!

What Our Members Are Saying

" I have been trying to achieve fluency in Igbo language since 2014. My journey has been challenging due to the lack of quality igbo learning resources. I became a member of Learn Igbo Challenge when it launched in 2020. I have waited 4 years for this type of opportunity. I will continue renewing my membership because becoming fluent in the Igbo language and learning about the igbo culture is a life long journey for me. I wish this program was offered at my university so I can use it to satisfy the language requirement needed to receive a bachelors degree. Yvonne does an excellent job teaching igbo and providing materials to help others like myself become fluent in the Igbo language while learning about the culture. Thank you Yvonne for creating these unique and helpful materials".
Chukwuma Oguh, New Jersey, USA


"Learn Igbo Now Challenge has been the key to expanding my Igbo vocabulary immensely, which has enhanced both my ability to communicate more in Igbo. I took some formal Igbo lessons before to learn the grammatical rules and tones of Igbo, and while I found those helpful, I still felt stuck in my ability to communicate in Igbo. I was one of the first to sign up for the Learn Igbo Now Challenge Membership, and I have enjoyed it. A year in, I am still learning new vocabulary, and when I watch Igbo shows or news, I am able to understand so much more than I would have a year ago. I love learning not just vocabulary but Igbo songs, some of which I can teach my kids, and learning about different aspects of Igbo culture and important people in Igbo history. I can tell that Yvonne dedicates a lot of time into developing these stories and dialogues, and I’m still a participant 2 years later because I continue to learn immensely. I am excited about the prospect of this program for kids because I know that this will enhance their ability to speak and help me achieve my goal of us being a completely Igbo speaking family."
Chiebonam Oguejiofor,  Illinois, USA


"I have been on a mission to learn this beautiful language Igbo since I became a mum. Growing up in Nigeria, in a household where igbo was spoken by all except children. We weren't encouraged to speak, I assume this was because of the fear of our English being tainted. On my search i stumbled on Yvonne Mbanefo's inspiring Instagram page. I've been a member of Learn Igbo Now challenge for 2 years. Guys.. Yvonne is the business.Her method/style of teaching is unique, videos/audio recordings of Dialogues, monologues, tongue twisters, proverbs, songs, biographies, culture are provided to teach us how each letter words sound. A colour coded written version is provided as reference.My igbo has improved, i can actually converse with family and friends and feel confident.Through Learn Igbo Now, i have moved from beginner to intermediate . If you are considering learning Igbo, I will recommend this course  anyday. The rich materials, history, knowledge Yvonne provides/teaches is amazing. This course is one of the best investments I  have given myself. My goal was/is to speak with confidence.This lady is passionate about what she does. I had faith in her from day one and i have not been disappointed. The progress is evident in my Igbo speaking/ fluency."  
Amy Ngozi Okoye, London, UK


Frequently Asked Questions

What age are the Learn Igbo Now Challenge lesson materials best for ?
The products are created for teenagers and adults

How will I know what I need to learn?
There is a success path designed to guide you on which fluency level you are and want to achieve

Am I able to keep the Learn Igbo Now Challenge membership price?

Yes, you'll be able to keep your Learn Igbo Now Challenge membership at the current price for as long as you are a member in good standing. If you stop your membership and want to join again, you will have to join at the latest advertised price. 

I am an Igbo teacher. Can I become a member and use the materials in teaching my students?

Unfortunately, you can’t.The Learn Igbo Now Challenge is for personal use only and not for taught classes or commercial use. It is not a resource for teachers.  

Can I share my membership details with my cousins or extended family? 

Each Learn Igbo Now Challenge membership is for one person.
You cannot share the login details or membership with anyone else. 

What materials will I need? 

You, Your Cell Phone and maybe a computer or printer (optional). For many of the lessons, you will not need anything except print the worksheets(optional) and to have a device (cell phone or computer) to record an audio or video of yourself practising. Sometimes, you might need a pen and paper to write down dictations. 

How is this different from just looking at Igbo language videos on YouTube for free?

The Learn Igbo Now Challenge will help you foster accountability by giving you a different lesson every weekday. You will also gain more by relating to people who are language learners just like you and getting the chance to practice with your language coach, amongst other benefits. You have access to an Igbo language coach that will answer your questions.

If I have more questions, whom do I ask?

If you have questions about the Learn Igbo Now Challenge membership, including the website or billing, please send us a message via https://www.learnigbonow.com/contact

What if I want to cancel my membership?

You can cancel your membership anytime! Simply follow these steps to do it yourself: Click on your photo or avatar on the top left area of your screen inside the member area. Click on Your Purchases >> Active Subscriptions >> Click on your membership and then click on cancel subscription. 

Can I see a sample of the lessons that appear daily?

Sure, click here to see a sample of a daily lesson (we have so many different themes , but this will give you one example of the format )